F-Rock/Black Lives Matter Project Tee

Fun little project we had the pleasure of putting together. Black Lives Matter Protests have been popping up everywhere in Seattle. Matter of fact, the biggest one (with over 60k marchers) began at Judkins Park, which is 2 blocks away from our shop. We decided it would be fun to print Black Lives Matter on a bunch of our black stock and hand them out for free to protesters. Captured the process with the below video. Enjoy!

Evergreen Beauty College Christmas Shirts

silk screened evergreen shirt

A little late on this post, but had to show off these clean simple shirts. Evergreen Beauty College has done an amazing job using apparel to boost their brand awareness. I can’t express how awesome it is to walk into their school and see practically everyone rocking an Evergreen shirt, and rocking them proudly at that.

Franklin High School T-Shirts

Recently finished some shirts for Franklin High School in Seattle. One color silk screened basic t-shirts on Hanes tees. Great way to bring your school or community together. With our $4.55 printing costs per piece, it’s hard to go wrong.